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Founded in 2012, the SRMQC is the official quiz club of SRM KTR. It is in one of the best quizzing circuits of the nation, with an aim to be the best. Quiz club believe that there should be no end to the learning process. With a plethora of competitions and participation of 200+, the learning curve is wide with a strong pool of resources.

Quizzes like the fresher’s general quiz, sports quiz, India quiz, Film quiz were organised this semester. Variety of quizzes throughout the semester not only develop competitive environment among quizzers but also ensures that learning never stops. Quiz Enthusiasts gather at the quiz Club on Saturday evenings and hone their quizzing talents. Weekly quizzes include Written rounds, rapid fire, buzzer round making things interesting at quiz club and engaging students at all level. The students with the best quizzing mind at each quiz show are awarded with prizes and certificates.
 SRMQC will organise its prime event The Quiz Fest during MILAN’20 under Directorate of student affairs hosting top quizzing teams from colleges across India. The event is attended by many colleges and has always seen an increase in participation each year due to its quality of quizzing, quiz masters, anchors, judges and rewards. There is no limit to gaining knowledge and the quiz fest is the most competitive and fun way to learn more.

Event rules

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DHRUVEEL JAIN: +91 9001984145
ATAJ: +91 7004210635 

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