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'Music to the soul, what words are to the mind.'
No cultural extravaganza can be complete without music, and Milan is no different. Celebrating the diversity of the student culture and the different spheres of music, Milan has a multitude of events that act as a platform for students to display their talents and win accolades as well as lucrative cash prizes. 

• Allowing the individual to flourish, Vibrato and Alankar are the Western and Eastern Solo Music competitions respectively. It is a battle, where every note is matched for note and every melody resonates from within.
• Since the early 60s, the band culture has influenced the music industry. Resonance and Tarang celebrate that legacy, as the Battle of Bands events of Western and Eastern music style respectively. A medley of various instruments and vocals, these competitions are nothing short of a visual and auditory spectacle.
• Harmonizing unity among diversity, the Fuzon event merges the Eastern and Western styles of music into a single platform. 2 vocalists along with one instrumentalist work as a team to present melodies that weave the best of both the music cultures.
• Glorifying the raw power of the human voice, the Acapella event is an opportunity for teams to come up and perform solely on the basis of their vocals. No background instruments are allowed, hence this presents an unique opportunity to showcase one's vocal talents.
• In music, instruments have a life of their own and the people who can play them to perfection are hailed as maestros. To give justice to the art of mastering a musical instrument, Milan hosts Symphony and Euphony, the solo and trio instrumental events.
• Percussion has always been instrument dependent, but now the art of beatboxing is also adept at creating beats. Beatdrop is an unprecedented face-off between beatbox artists, who showcase this amazing skill.
• Rap and Hip-Hop have been riding genres on music for the past 2 decades, and to celebrate that culture, Milan organizes Wrap it Up, a showdown where rap artists leave the audience with their lyrics and flow.
• Electronic Music is an art like no other. The DJ Battle, brings together artists who create the biggest drops and the most electrifying beats for a live face-off that EDM enthusiasts eagerly attend.
• Music Production artists get a chance to showcase their talents in Daw Masters. Milan caters to every kind of talent in the field of music and gives them one of the largest stages to present themselves and enthrall their audience.

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