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From the bullets whizzing to the balls curving, these gamers can do everything. This world is fast rising to its pinnacle as technology climbs to its height. With brilliant hand-eye co-ordination to swift on the feet thinking, the gaming club is the place to go to, to seek refuge in the events of a zombie apocalypse.

Milan’20 brings you the opportunity to hold up the console in your hands and show the world your gift. With online and offline events, this Milan holds for an exciting gaming championship with exciting cash prizes. The Gaming Fest (TGF) is the flagship event of SRM DSA Gaming Club, held annually during the national level cultural festival, Milan. All Fan-favorite games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA 19, Rainbow Six: Siege, BLUR, DOTA 2, PUBG: Mobile, Clash Royale are a part of the contest and a chance for you to flaunt your gaming skills. Prepare for the battle of Milan’20 gamers as, it is a raging fire.

Event rules

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Akshat: +91 8130927482
Raj Pravin: +91 7339362604

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