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A country of diverse people, and diverse cultures. Beautiful dialects and transcendent attire. And despite it all, we stay connected. How, you ask? All through the love of food. The way to a person's heart is through their stomach and here at the food club of SRM you get to explore the million different recipes to perfect this art. Diverse recipes all the same through the love they share of their recipients, we invite you to create and innovate newer, more wonderful ways to experience this way of life. Think you have what it takes to make everyone's taste buds tingle? Then you are ready for the challenges food club has to offer.

Being a club consisting of various podium achievers and multiple Guinness World Record holders, the primary objective of the SRM Cube Club is to improve and expand the Cubing community. A Rubik's cube is a symbol of intellect and is something which commonly invokes intimidation, something that we strive to eradicate. In our endeavor to make speed cubing a more popular sport than it is now, we continue to work towards conducting more workshops, seminars, quality competitions and break more records.

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FATEMA: +91 9884828490
KIRUTHIKA: +91 9952907890  

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