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‘All the world's a stage, and all men and women are merely players.'
The great playwright William Shakespeare gave form to the act of drama with these words. Since the times of Aryabhatta and Plato, theatrical performances have been an integral fabric of the our culture. Milan recognizes the power of this art form to appeal to the emotions and imaginations of people and therefore, celebrates it through a number of competitions and events during its annual 4-day cultural extravaganza.

• Celebrating the oldest form of drama in India, "Nukkad Natak" brings the vibrant culture of Street plays alive. This form of drama also propagates social messages that are currently relevant, in tones that touch the audience's heart.
• Glorifying the classical theatre, "Coup de Theater - Stageplay" provides a platform for teams to perform a full set before their audience and awe them with their acting skills. Armed with colourful costumes, a thoughtful script and a variety of on-stage props, drama enthusiasts throng to this event.
• The art of storytelling is often overlooked in drama. Hence, Milan presents the "One Man Show – Mono Acting" event, where the participant has to pick a gender, a prop, an emotion and spontaneously weave a tale from it and enact it. It poses a fascinating challenge for amateurs and experts alike, as the competition hinges on both, the dexterity of their plot and the vibrance of their acting.
• The silver screen is the zenith of the art of acting. Milan presents its "Lights, Camera, Action – Shortfilm", which brings teams from all across the country to a showdown of their very own shot and directed video.

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