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As long as there is art, there is a reason to live. The monotony of life and routine are continually disrupted by the art around the world, splashes of colors across grey walls. Art is life, art is freedom, and art is rebellion. Each piece of art holds a message, to be interpreted in a million different ways.

This Milan, Creative Arts brings to you various temperaments and colors you can strive in; from fields ranging from anime to origami painting, portraits and much more.
1. Speed Painitng- Speed of Insanity to entrail through your nerves. A performance containing rapid painting.
2. Blind Art- Art pays no heed to who you are. A test in the times of strife, art stands as a testament to the capabilities of those who've preserved relentlessly with determination.
3. Sand Art Performance- A Performance in Sand art and animation, where you shall see artist’s rendering lines and figures on sand giving new meanings and new messages.3. Modern Live 4. Art performance - A performance where Modern art shall be cherished and brought to life, as the story unfolds.

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For the first time at SRM Institute of Science and Technology

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Sharmista Paul- 9790853744
Kiruthika- 9952907890

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